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hi..''heh''plz tel post the mising part of her 2-to comix..ychan ouo.. and you art is cool xD AND THE SONADOW COMIX.HE HE HE HE OUO...
Mon May 5, 2014, 1:49 AM
Love FROZEN!!!!!
Sat Apr 12, 2014, 1:16 PM
Love FORZEN!!!!!!
Sat Apr 12, 2014, 1:15 PM
Thu Feb 13, 2014, 2:39 PM
hi guys and i love you art^^
Wed Oct 23, 2013, 7:10 AM

How do you feel if your do not get comments on work you have worked almost 3hrs on? 

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How do you feel if your do not get comments on work you have worked almost 3hrs on? 

7 deviants said Seriously COMMENT on this to get FEEDBACK =.=
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Othello, Flare, Galileo, Xander, Vex and Haden ewe

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 1:28 PM

Tagged by :iconlauretta-chan:

1. Pick the character(s) you want to use
2. RP as your character and answer each question.
3. Tag people I am a dummy! !

I will pick more than one because I wanna introduce some of my OC's to you all CX
I asked who you want to get to know more so I'll pick:
Flare,Galileo, Haden, Vex, Xander and Othello,

Galileo by SEGAgalAn Unusual Encounter by SEGAgalVex the Plague by SEGAgalXander Pierce by SEGAgalThat Fancy Demon King by NightSaber omg such old pic of Flare >//> Flare the Hedgehog- redesign by SEGAgal


1. Introduction time! What is your name?

Othello: Ohohoho helloooo there my darling I am King Othello~:heart:
Galileo: Heeey I am Galileo any handsome men in this questionnaire >w> ~:heart: 
Xander: Yeh Xander whatever =3=
Vex: Not sure what my full name is but my big brother Haden calls me Vex for short ouo
Flare: The name is Flare Mackenzie 
Haden: Haden and I am charmed to meet you :heart: *shows his shoulder*

2. Awesome! What gender are you?

Othello: ohoooo what a starter x//3 I am all male :heart:heart: 
Galileo: A guy but I am a fabulous one *flips hair*
Xander: A dude e3e; wtf do I look like?
Vex: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh o3o; *looks down* Oh a boy ^v^
Flare: A guy of course
Haden: All man wanna see *starts to strip a little more*

3. Your age?

Othello: I lost track after 2000 ^v^;
Galileo: 23 F///3 
Xander: I have no fucking clue anymore ¬^¬;
Vex: I dunno oUo
Flare: I am 26 and no I am not an old man -3-; shut up Bolt >__>;
Haden: I cant tell you something even I dont know :heart:

4. What do you love?

Othello: Ohohooo that's a private hobbie~:heart: I cant tell :heart: >//v//>
Galileo: Sketching most of the time just love to design dresses >W<
Xander: Not much drink people I guess =3=;
Vex: Playing with my glass orbs with the little towns in them owo I can make it rain fire and everything x3 
Flare: Writing songs its part of my soul really heh ^^;
Haden: Walking around nude :heart: 

5. What do you hate?

Othello: I do not take kindly to liars...ene
Galileo: Ugly, digusting FABRICS!! *flaps wings out of annoyance* D-dont get me started e3e
Xander: Everything =___=;
Vex: I dont like it when people take my orbs away or when the town is all destroyed ;3;
Flare: I don't like being alone actually heh..funny enough *rubs the back of his neck*
Haden: Clothing =n= its a useless invention but I dont mind my cloak <3

6. Got any powers.

Othello: Sorcery and Seduction :heart: 
Galileo: If being fabulous is a power then yes :heart:
Xander: Are you blind? I am a vampire you idiot yes I got powers!!
Vex: I make the weather and plagues happen in my orbs with the little towns in them owo
Flare: Fire powers as I am the Fire Guardain
Haden: Collection souls for the Underworld and stripping I'd guess FD

7. Ever hurt or helped someone with your powers?
Othello: Healed a few of my people and the seduction part well ask my darling Coal~:heart: I dont think you can ask the mortals that I devoured though ^v^
Galileo:  Oh I have helped a lot of people with designs but being fabulous is my own thing :heart:
Xander: Vampire = Killing people. Get the picture =3=;
Vex: I just play with my orbs .3.????
Flare: I have helped in small events like bbqs and stuff but its mostly a secret. With singing however we've hosted charity concerts.
Haden: Depends on the situation for stripping :heart: I collect souls they are dead anyway

8. Okay time to get personal!

Othello: Oh my FD
Galileo: F//3
Xander: =.=?
Vex: o3o
Flare: .////.  how personal are we talking here? >///>
Haden: e///v///e

9. Who was your first crush?

Othello: Heh my sweet Coal actually :heart:
Galileo: Oh just a random boy back when I was in college...hehe he was a dark angel F//3 called Ivan :heart:
Xander: I'd never heard of this term??
Vex: A what? o3o???
Flare: Um...Lisa...but I dont really want to go into it.....
Haden: Oh many but I usually end up collecting their dear souls 

10. Ever asked your crush out? If so what was it like?

Othello: Yes I did~:heart: We kept it secret from the kingdom but ordered dinner to my chambers and we had our first date in secret :heart:
Galileo: Oh Ivan!! He was a right ole flirt x///3 we had a date on the roof of our dorm building hehe so romantic :heart:
Xander: Seriously what is a crush?
Vex: Nyaaaa!! You are confusing me?! 
Flare: I...asked her out on Valentine's day...we went for a coffee *ears dropped and folded his arms*
Haden: Never had a date before? More like a date to die for :heart:

11. How many people have you dated?

Othello: Including Coal...1~:heart:
Galileo: Just 1 sadly but couple of one nighters after Ivan and I broke up 
Xander: one night stands count?
Vex: Nyaaa!! *eyes glow* another new word?! Da-ting? You are CONFUSING ME!!
Flare: Um...only 2...*blushed*
Haden: *pets his brother's Vex* Its ok brother I will explain another time~:heart: Probably about...34? If having sex with them then letting die non-virgins count~:heart: No? Oh well none ^w^

12. Ever kissed anyone?

Othello: Of course many :heart:
Galileo: Yesh!!~:heart:
Xander: Duh! Have you seen these looks FD
Vex: *hissed at the new word and his eyes glowed more vivid as his tail twisted from the new words. Clinging to his brother*
Flare: Yeh...just 2 girls.. .///.
Haden: *calms his little brother from the confusion and sets him on his lap* Its alright little brother~:heart: I have kissed a few people :heart:

13. Do you have any kids? If so how many and what are their names?

Othello: Oh yes a couple thousand and more on the way ^//v//^
Galileo: Good heavens no!! OnO I'd babysit but that be it >//>;
Xander: least I hope I dont >//3//>;
Vex: *Whimpers at the confusing questions and cuddles into his brother Haden* Q///Q???
Flare: *silent and almost tearing he recalls losing his daughter in a miscarriage*....I'll be fine...continue
Haden: *nuzzles his brother and combs his soft pink hair* No but I take care of Vex here

14. Have you ever "did it"?

Othello: Of course thousands of times and thats not exaggeration F///3
Galileo: Oh yes!! Many times with my Ivy-Wivy and the one nightstands x///3
Xander: No shit! I have slept around ¬3¬
Vex: D-Did what? ;//3//; *looked up at Haden for advice*
Flare: Yes...only with one...woman >///////> n-not with the woman I am currently dating .///////////////////.;;;; y-yet
Haden: Of course I have hahaaha and no Vex you haven't you are always here with me in the Underworld ^v^

15. Good or Evil?

Othello: Good
Galileo: Good
Xander: I dunno I kill people to get their blood?? You be the judge >^>;
Vex: I am a good demon .//v//. but people think I am bad coz I play with the towns ;////; I just wanted to play and hear them scream~:heart:
Flare: Good
Haden: Hehe I would be either or~:heart:

16. Have you ever killed someone? If so why?

Othello: I never kill the mortals simply offer themselves to me to let me take their souls~:heart:
Galileo: No but if looks could kill I'd be DROP DEAD GORGEOUS ;D
Xander: I KILL PEOPLE FOR BLOOD!! Are you not paying attention?!
Vex: I hear screaming in my little orbs sometimes .3.; Haden sometimes takes me to them up above and I get to play with the real town :heart:
Flare: No! Never >^>
Haden: Dead people come to me :heart:

18. Are you married?

Othello: No but I am unsure of that stage at kingdom cannot live on without an hier...
Galileo: No XD Single here FD any takers~:heart:
Xander: Single I usually kill the girls I sleep with...guys gotta eat sometime =3=;
Vex: *huggles into Haden at the new word* ;////; 
Flare: Was...going to be but it was called off. Although I would not mind getting married .////.;
Haden: Marriage is for the pure hearts HAH I am not a pure hearted one :heart:

19. What was the worst day you have ever had?

Othello: The day the volcano erupted,,,killing my family and the kingdom in the valley we live in the cliffs and upper walls of the canyon 
Galileo: Probably the day Ivan didnt love me anymore...*rubs his arms lowering his wings*
Xander: It was so long ago...I rather not talk about it...
Vex: Um...when I dropped one of my orbs ;A;
Flare: Lisa...leaving me...*shivers and takes deep breaths*
Haden: Probably whenever Vex feels uncomfortable. He's my little brother I dont like seeing him upset *nuzzles his brother*

20. What was the best day you have ever had?

Othello: Coal telling me he loves me and the day my first 3 sons were born~:heart:
Galileo: Getting my job at Fabuleux Industries >W< meeting my bestie Miguel there ;w;
Xander: I had a threesome once that was a goooood day F///D
Vex: Oh oh when Haden gives me new orbs to play with ~owo~ *wiggles as he nuzzles his brother back* x///3 
Flare: Probably kissing Angelique~:heart: She helped me out of my dark hole so I do appreciate her more than any other man will :heart:
Haden: Oh the day my little brother was created~:heart: I adore him to bits x3 Was quite lonely down here with the dead people yknow

21. What was your first date like?

Othello: Didn't you ask this already? O_O; I told you secret dinner in my chambers e3e;
Galileo: I believe you are repeating yourself??
Xander: Are you even paying attention to yourself? 
Vex: Oh I know that word Haddy owo! 
Flare: I think you asked me this already??
Haden: You are repeating yourself there~:heart:

22. Are you dead? If so how did you die?

Othello: No I am not dead XD 
Galileo: I am DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!! I told you before listen carefully -3-;
Xander: No but it feels like I might as well be dead...hell is better than this crap..
Vex: No I am not dead  o3o
Flare: Nope very much alive ^^;
Haden: Working with the dead doesnt make you dead XD 

23. Are you married?

Othello: Goodness are you ok? You are repeating o.o 
Galileo: Dear you are repeating yourself. Have you been drinking or something?
Xander: said this already?? 
Vex: Oh oh I know that word too now owo *wags tail*
Flare: are repeating?? 
Haden: Repetitiveness comes with annoyance soon after =n=*

24. Did you marry your first love?

Othello: N-not yet~:heart: .///. 
Galileo: If I did would I be single now >3>;
Xander: Nope next question I am getting thirsty here =~=**
Vex: Love?? o3o; I heard Haddy say that to me but 'first love'???
Flare: I told....nevermind I dont want to talk about it....
Haden: Oh dear no XD 

25. What would you want your dream girl or boy to look like?

Othello: Coal is everything I wasnt expecting and I am happy to be with him that I dont need to imagine what my dream date would look like :heart:
Galileo: Tall, handsome. strong arms to carry me in =//v///= just a utter sexy beast please!!~:heart:
Xander: Uhh she'd be cute. Plump ass nice rack uh...good in bed would be another factor FD 
Vex: Uhhh if i had someone I'd like him to be tall .3.; umm...interesting and would play with me >//v//<
Flare: Angelique is my dream girl~:heart:
Haden: Probably someone just as flirty as myself and can get down and dirty whenever we are in the mood FD

26. What are you most afraid of?

Othello: Losing the people I love...Kentaro, Nairus or Siren my precious sons or...Coal if anything happened to him...I would not live....
Galileo: Spiders ono!! 
Xander: Yknow the typical vampire crap...wooden stakes...fires that stuff. Even if it worked I would still be afraid ¬////¬
Vex: I dont like being left alone especially in the dark so I sleep with my brother when I get scared ;///;
Flare: I am getting there but I was afraid to fall in love again...
Haden: Anything bad happening to my little brother...

27. Have you lost someone close?

Othello: My two older brothers and my parents...along with most of my people...
Galileo: No thank goodness ;n;
Xander: My question
Vex: No o3o I dont think so?? 
Flare:  My parents...then my grandfather when he took us in...*smiled as he remembered his grandfather*
Haden: No not that I recall o3o

28. Who are you closest too?

Othello: My 3 boys, Laris, Mozart and of course Coal x///3 
Galileo: Miguel and Nora x3 
Xander: Pfft no one....
Vex: Haden >w< ~:heart: 
Flare: My brothers Aquin and Bolt. Then of course my new girlfriend Angelique~:heart:
Haden: My sweet little brother Vex~:heart: Also my dear friend Othello~:heart: Havent seen him in a long time F//D 

29. If you'd do anything at all what would it be?

Othello: Marry Coal probably if I could...
Galileo: Ummm...have a day off and just stay in just watch a chick flick =w=
Xander: Uh mortal again...
Vex: Uhhhh I wooouuuld around in one of those grassy places with all the trees in the Surface world owo
Flare: I would like to take Angelique to Japan to visit her family and friends over there. Plus I have never been so yeah ^v^
Haden: Gimme a kinky little thing and meet me in the bedrom :heart:

30. Okay you're done now go tag some people :D (Big Grin)

XxSweet-CoffeyxX  xXCute-ChocoXx  TheRosePrince  Mischief-Buttons  shadyever X-SoniaTyler-X Luminous-Lullaby X-SuGaR-Sweetfox-X 

THERE!! 6 CHARACTERS DONE X___X Knock yourselves out your tagged people xD 

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It's July 22nd which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

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